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Do you feel uncomfortable in social situations because you often misunderstand what is being said? Have you found yourself “faking it” to avoid confronting the difficulty you experience with communication? Are you missing out on the cute things your grandkids say? You are not alone! In fact, most people who suffer from hearing loss wait years to do something about it. You don’t have to wait any longerーlet us help you figure it all out! At New Hope Hearing Solutions, we understand how important your hearing is, and we understand how to ensure you get the help you need.

From your very first encounter to looking after your healthcare after your fitting, our friendly and helpful team wants to exceed your expectations. We understand how hearing loss impacts your daily life, and we want to make sure we do all that we can to keep you communicating, socializing, and connecting. Put our knowledge and experience to the test and enrich your life through our services.

Our individualized approach begins with a complete, professional evaluation of your hearing utilizing sophisticated technology. No testing booth is needed! Our experienced Doctor of Audiology, Madonna Blair, will then ensure that you and your loved ones understand the test results and are educated about the latest hearing instruments available. When you are ready, we will walk you through the process and deliver a hearing solution that is just right for you!

Whether you are just seeking to have a better understanding of your hearing status, or you have used hearing instruments for decades, we are ready to help. Hearing health care has changed. Let us navigate it and make it an experience that you enjoy, an experience that leads to better hearing for years to come!

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